Integration in Your Application

As shown in the architecture diagram, there are a number of areas that must be implemented in your application in order to integrate Moxy reports.  These are:

Report Definitions

Report definitions are XML files that contain the layout and data to be used in each report.  There is one report definition per report, however a report definition may include multiple pages.  Report definitions can be managed with an XML report gallery file or by registering them at runtime.

Report Menu

Your application will need a report menu that will provide a list of reports available to the users.  This menu can be loaded dynamically from the report gallery or can be hard-coded.  Each report will use the report controller to render the report using the report code that the report was registered in the report gallery with.

Report Controller

The report controller is responsible for providing all reporting functions and will use the ReportGallery, ReportQuery, ReportDocument and ReportBuilder classes to provide the required functionality. The report controller will also need to provide an HTML report page and implement the three AJAX end-points for updating, exporting and publishing reports.

Data Sources

Moxy uses two delegate functions to populate reports and report options with data.  Data sources are declared in a report definition, then the delegates are called to populate the report with the required data.

Published Reports

Report XML can be published in a database and then rendered to HTML, PDF and Excel later.  This will require a database table to store the reports and also the necessary user interface in your application to list the published report and then to render the published reports.

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