Recent Updates

1 March 2011

This update includes:

  1. Form Letters - form letters are now in their own menu for a case and administrators can also produce letters without having access to the case. Letters can be printed to PDF or sent via email.
  2. Appointments - the appointment and session modals have been merged, since they’re actually the same thing, except that a session is attached to a case.
  3. Close case with a form - cases are now closed using a form, which can be customised to collect the information you require upon closing a case.
  4. New case - case workers will now be sent a notification when a case is assigned to them

23 February 2011

This update includes:

  1. Multiple case workers - a case can now have multiple case workers assigned.  Use the ‘Case Workers’ option in the case menu of a case to add more case workers and to see who has access to the case.
  2. Associate Case Workers - you can now invite users into your organisation as associates.  Associates can see the cases they are given access to, but can’t see the shared calendar or contacts list.
  3. Transfer case - a case can now be transferred to another service in your organisation.  Use the ‘Transfer Case’ option in the case menu of a case to transfer it.
  4. Case note titles - case notes can now be given a title, for example “Phone call”.
  5. Case forms and reports - administrators can now run forms and reports for a case, without having access to the case.
  6. Bugs - we’ve fixed a number of bugs that have been reported by users.  Please keep the feedback coming.

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