Moxy reports include:

  1. PDF, HTML and Excel XSLT templates to customise report style and layout
  2. Reports can be published as XML, and later rendered to HTML, PDF and Excel
  3. A report gallery allows reports to be run dynamically
  4. Reports can be combined on the fly, or in a report pack to allow multi-page reports
  5. Support for paging of large reports in HTML
  6. HTML reports support drill-downs, allowing other reports to be loaded on the fly
  7. HTML and Javascript is provided for rendering reports and providing navigation between reports
  8. An XSD schema and documentation are provided to assist with XML report definitions
  9. Report definitions can include simple Excel style formulas, allowing values to be calculated live
  10. Reports include user options, which are rendered in HTML and allow the user to configure a report

Moxy reports has two optional modules for producing charts and forms.

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