Purchasing a report

Purchase a report subscription

Browse the Moxy Report Marketplace for just the right report for your needs.

When you’ve found what you’re after:

  1. Check out the star rating to get feedback from people who have used the report before.
  2. Click ‘View’ to get more details, including required data sources, the price and to see a preview.

When you’re ready to subscribe: hit the Buy Now button and set up your account.

Design and build your own report

Do you need a specialised report requiring specific data sources or a particular layout?

1 - (Coming soon) - use the Moxy Report Builder to design your own report template.

2 - Contact us to build it for you

Publish your report in the Moxy Report Marketplace

If the report you designed provides the insight you need - others will need it too!

Generate subscription income by selling your report in the Marketplace. Contact us to talk about this further.

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