Run your reports

You’ve got a report, configured the data sources, so now it’s time to run it!

Add text

Some report packs have a section for adding summary text. Click on the link, enter the added-value comments, click Save. (And proof-read). Re-select the edit icon to make amendments as necessary.

Navigate pages

Use the left Report Pages menu to quickly jump around your multi-page report, or click ‘Next Page’ to go one by one.


You can update and add to any of your data sources at any time. Just click ‘Configure’ and re-do any of the configuration steps.

Set your options

Use the Date picker on the left to set the date to report up-to.


When your report is good to go:

  1. Export to PDF
  2. Email it
    - Send direct to your customers, staff or stakeholders - Coming soon
  3. Schedule it
    - Set up an automated report - Coming soon

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