Customising Excel

Excel reports can be customised in two ways.

Customising Styles

CustomExcelStyles.xslt defines a number of attribute-sets which control the various styles of the Excel file.  

Customising XSLT

CusomExcelStyles.xslt also defines a number of templates which you can override to implement your own cover page, header and footer.  These are:

Custom Templates


Creates a header on each page of the report.  Update this template to include your own logo and design.


Creates a footer on each page of the report.  Update this template to define your own footer, including page numbers, copyright notices and disclaimers.


Allows you to create your own report sections. By defining a section type to be something other than a Moxy section type, you can provide your logic to render that section to HTML.


Contains the styles that are used to format cells in the report. Because each cell can only have one style, there are a lot of variations - ie Grid-Money-Body, Grid-Money-Title, Grid-Money-Total1, Grid-Money-Total2.  Make sure you update the styles consistently across all variations.

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