Drilldowns provide a link to another report as specified in the column. The report must be identified and registered in the report gallery. All input options and settings are passed through as you change reports.



The id of the report to load when the user clicks on the drilldown.


The url of the link to open when the user clicks on the drilldown.  url is only used if no report attribute is specified.


If specified, then the drilldown will only be added for the value if the report formula specified is true.


Any other attribute may contain a report formula and will be either passed to the drilldown report as an option value, or appended to the url as a querystring parameter.


<moxydoc:column id="month1" type="MONEY" metric="AMOUNTDUE" title="{format($date,'MMM yyyy')}" period="MONTH">

          <moxydoc:drilldown report="Invoices" contact="INV[CON#ID]" fromDate="som($date)"         toDate="eom($date)" />


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