Configure data sources

Configuring your data sources is the final step before running your report. Each report will have required data sources, which need to be set up on a per report and per customer basis.


To configure the data sources for your chosen customer:

1 - click the report you need to configure from the information block on the Reporting home page. This will run the report, which will be empty until we connect the data.

2 - select “Configure’ from the left menu.

This opens a page listing the required data sources, and provides a button to configure each data source.

3 - Configure each data source by clicking the appropriate buttons and completing the process as required. (See the help centre documentation for the steps involved in each data source).

Run report now

When you have connected all the data sources successfully, run the report. If further configuration or editing is needed, repeat steps 2 - 4 above.

Now you’re ready to Run your reports.

Deleting Data Sources

To delete a data source select it on the Data Source Configuration page. Click ‘Delete’ in the bottom right corner.

This disconnects the data source. To remove the trusted authorisation completely (OAuth or Facebook Connect etc) you will need to revoke the permission from the account itself.

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